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Unconventional ab workouts

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Ab workouts, reviews, and comics.

Screw the GYM.

Learn how to get a six pack at home.

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How to get abs:

Foods and Drinks to AVOID

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How to get a six pack FAST | Step 1: Get off you ass!

How to get a six pack

Foods and Drinks to AVOID When Working to Get a Six Pack

You will probably be surprised at the food and drinks I recommend you avoid. There is a lot of stuff that is perceived by the public to be “healthy” but when you turn it over and read the labels you will see a different story. That is the first and formost thing I recommend when it comes to an abs diet. You need to train yourself to read the labels so you know and understand what you are about to eat.

The three main items you will be paying attention to are Protein, Sugar, and salt. You can ignore the total calories. Since you are building muscle you will be consuming more calories. It is also a good idea to pay attention to the total fat as it should really be not more than 55-83 grams per day.

Protein = GOOD

You body will need the protein to build muscle quickly. Healthy foods that are high in protein is a must.

Sugar = BAD

The less sugar the better and all costs avoid high fructose corn syrup. Sugar a temporary stimulate that is converted into fat storage when not used by the body. Unfortunately for men, that fat storage is usually in your belly IN FRONT of your abs. The same effect happens with alcohol but more severe.

Sodium/Salt = BAD

Although your body does need a certain amount of sodium to survive, most of us are consuming WELL PAST our limit of the recommended daily intake. Fast food and frozen packaged items are notorious for having an excess amount of sodium to preserve foods longer. Yes I would rather have more salt and less salmonella but how about avoiding those packaged foods for something fresh instead?

So what drinks should you avoid all together?

Softdrinks, Soda, Pop, Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew or whatever you want to call it. If it has a dump load of sugar and no nutritional benefits, don’t buy it. These drinks give your body no benefitial value short of tasting good. They are empty calories that are full of salt and sugar that actually dehydrates your body in turn making you drink more. Look on the back and read the label.

Protein: 0 g

Sugar:     65g    < - - - WTF?!! That grams, not milligrams, GRAMS!!! A single sugar cube contains 4 grams of sugar. That’s 16 sugar cubes for 1 20oz bottle of Coke!

Sodium: 75mg  Not terrible, but why is it even in there?

Coke is not the only product that does this. Pick up ANY softdrink or soda and read the label. First ingredient is usually water followed by High Fructose Corn Syrup.

What should I drink when trying to get abs?

Water dude, water. It’s free (most of the time.) Milk is ok too. Water is the best there is to rehydrate the body. If you are complaining about water tasting bad, buy a freaking water filter. Brita has a few of them that are cheap.

Not all cereals are healthy

Let me first off say I love cereal. It is cheap. It is easy. And it is filling. Not a good idea to live off of it but I can be included in your abs diet. When first doing research on this I was surprised to find that some of the “healthy” cereals that I had been frequently eating were not good for building abdominal muscles. Again, look for the three main things on the labels.

Let’s start with Great Grains (raisins, dates, and pecan) by Post.

Protein: 4g     Not bad. Not amazing but it’s there

Sugar:    13g   More than I expected but FAR less then coke.

Sodium: 135mg

It is interesting to note that Great Grains actually has one more gram of surgar per serving than Captain Crunch. In it’s defense Great Grains is more filling.

Even some cereals by Kashi have a substantial amount of sugar per serving. Check the labels and you will see. The best one I have found so far is below.

Kashi Go Lean Original

Protien: 13g   Which is fantastic!

Sugar: 6g   Not bad at all. Acceptable!

Sodium: 85mg   Pretty good

But what cereal trump all of the others? What is the best cereal to fuel building your six pack?

Ironically we head back over to to Post Cereals and take a gander at Shredded freaking wheat. Check out our three nutrition facts for this cereal.

Shredded wheat by Post cereals:

Protein: 6g

Sugar:    0g   That’s right and big fat ZERO. There is NO sugar in this bad ass cereal.

Sodium: 0g  WHAT?! No sodium either?

Now you may be noticing that Kashi had double the protein of Shredded Wheat. Honestly you would be fine consuming either of these but personally I stick with shredded wheat. The less sugar and sodium, the better AND it’s less expensive than Kashi.

I would recommend switch from milk to soy milk or almond milk. Soy milk contains a decent amount of protein.

So what you have hopefully learned is to read labels from now on. Actually LOOK at what you are stuffing your face with. Avoid soft drinks like the god damn plague. Or an aunt you don’t like. Or having to poop when you get out of the shower.