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Unconventional ab workouts

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Ab workouts, reviews, and comics.

Screw the GYM.

Learn how to get a six pack at home.

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How to get a six pack

How to get abs: Well…what do you look like now?

Let’s be realistic. If you are 40 pounds overweight you are not going to get a six pack fast- you can do it, but it will just take more time and hard work. We all have to start somewhere. Time for you to establish a body base line. This is something that you can look back on as you are trying the best ab workouts. Weight yourself and write it down. You should take a photo of yourself right now and then again when you have completed the training program.

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The Pros and Cons of having a Velociraptor Show you How to Get a Six Pack

Should you hire a velociraptor to show you how to get a six pack? As awesome as it may sound you may want to think twice. Velociraptor personal trainers are freaking ripped. Chicks dig dinosaurs with big muscles. They have huge teeth, massive claws, and six pack abs. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a Velociraptor personal trainer.

The FREAKING truth about abs | Hint: You already have them

Training Breakdown: The Truth About Abs review

The Truth about abs is a rocking ebook that tears down how to get a six pack for folks who may need to lose a few pounds first. If you follow it step by step AND do work you will see results pretty quickly. I am sure you could find the ebook for for free in some virus infested torrent somewhere but I feel it is well worth the money. You can pick it up through the website here: More About the Truth About Six Pack Abs

Somanabolic muscle maximizer review

Training Breakdown: Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer review

Just because your skinny does not mean you do not have it easy, but you can get a six pack a little faster. You don’t have to burn off a bunch of fat, you just need to bulk up. Yeah, the guy on the cover may look like a douchebag, but his information is solid and his ab training is very effective. That why your here right? (Your the one that wanted to know how to get a six pack) Muscle Maximizer training breaks down everything from daily workouts to what you need to eat. You can pick the book up here: More About the Muscle Maximizer

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Ebook Training Reviews:

The Truth about abs review

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer review

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It is not impossible. Anyone can learn how to get a six pack fast.

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Diet Matters. You will need to change what you eat

Oh, so you eat at McDonalds everyday for lunch? Yeah… we are going to have to change that. Eating the right foods can make or break your quest for a six pack. You could follow the training manual and do all of the right exercises, but if your not eating the right foods your body will not respond correctly. Here is a hint: You will be dialing way back on two main things Sugar and Sodium. You know what has a lot of both sugar and sodium? SODA!!!

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How to get a six pack: The best ab workouts

Everything you need to get abs you most likely already own. The workout equipment for these programs requires items like an old dirty towel or shirt, a smooth floor, and two paper plates. You can perform all of these workouts from home so you don’t need to worry about paying hundreds of dollars for a local gym membership.

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What body fat percentage you need for defined abs

Some of us are just blessed with a naturally high metabolism. Others are not so lucky. Photoshop or spray abs will never beat a set of real rock solid abdominal muscles. There are just too many advantages when you work hard to get the real deal. You look good. You have more stamina.

Read on How to get abs: Defined abs depend on body fat percentage 7% Body Fat

“I work smarter, not harder.” Question: Why the hell not do both? Here are some more abdominal exercises.

Yes I can agree with the saying work smarter but depending on how quickly you want results why not work harder too? It just makes sense to me. Working smarter means not wasting your money on bullshit as seen on tv workout equipment. The trainers I recommend have spend their lives whipping other people into shape and teaching others how to get abs. It’s what they do. They know what works and what is a waste of time. If you want to get a six pack fast, work smarter AND harder. Use the right training and diet and you will get there.

Abdominal exercises freaking work: 5 fast exercises for abs Read on

How to get abs: You are going to need to make changes

Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to getting ripped. (not the drunk or stoned kind of ripped) Oh yeah, here is a hint on how to get abs: lesson one is to stop drinking. Alcohol consumption leads to the classic beer gut, which hides those sexy abdominal muscles you are trying to accentuate.

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The blog that shows you how to get a six pack. And yes, we mean abs.

You want six pack abs?

Use Training programs.

If you think you are going to get a freaking six pack just by sitting on your butt all day and stuffing your face, your wrong. The crazy good looking bodies you always see in those before and after pictures are a direct result of old fashion hard work and the right training guide.

It’s a simple fact: Training programs work. You will achieve your results much faster when someone is explaining exactly what you need to do. We break down the best of the best ab work out training guides. Each workout series is geared to meet different body types. And we post weekly workout comics to boot!

How to get abs: Why ‘Dieting’ is Bullshit              4-26-2013

Dieting is bullshit. There I said it. Somebody freaking had to. Why? The most common association with the word ‘diet’ is something temporary. Not going to last. Dealing with the pain of not eating like a fat ass until you lose the weight. “If I just stick to this ‘diet’ for 2 months I will be skinny for the rest of my life!”  ← DOES. NOT. WORK.

Read on and I will get to the point.

How to get abs: It's a god damn lifestyle choice. Read on